Gagenliste Deutscher Sprecher*innen


Wording, definitions and further information

Some customary practices in the industry are listed here. They should help to avoid misunderstandings with clear communication. Various authors have worked on it over the years, including groups among the speakers. The names of the participants can no longer be determined in detail.


The fee list of German speakers (formerly the Hamburg list) distinguishes between the layout (unpublished recording, individually or as a lump-sum session fee) and the utilization (individually or as a package, usually 1 year). From the exploitation fee or exploitation package, the layout is taken into account in the first year. In subsequent years, the utilization is calculated at 100% (from the archive). Please also note the "Definitions and Conditions" further down on this page.

The prices given are the historical average prices of randomly interviewed speakers from the years prior to 2019. These are not to be understood as price recommendations, but merely as a market survey of prices in the past. It is not possible to draw conclusions about individual prices from this.


Die nachfolgenden Definitionen sollen einen Überblick über die gängigen Begrifflichkeiten der Branche vermitteln. Sie stellen keinen Anspruch auf Vollständigkeit dar und widerspiegeln nur das eigene Verständnis der Betreiber der Homepage.

Demo Fees

When will further layout fees be due (or usage??? for broadcasting), e.g. for alternatives? This will be the case, for example, for clear text variants.

Example: "You will find everything you need to know about it in the new Men's Health."

Alternative: "From now on, Men's Health will tell you everything you need to know about it. New: Men's Health."

Alternative: "In the new Men's Health you will find out everything you need to know – available now."

In many cases, different text manuscripts from the customer exist at the beginning of the productions. These are unquestionably variants that will be charged. It also happens that texts are changed directly during recording. It should be checked in this regard as to whether only the word order is modified or whether, for example, words are omitted or supplemented for timing reasons - these variants should definitely be included free of charge by the voice artist.

Example: "You will find everything you need to know about it in the new Men's Health."

Does the word "need" sound too demanding? "You will find everything you should know about it in the new Men's Health."

Alternatives like "from today ..." or "tomorrow ..." are, without a doubt, also text variants but they already include that they are broadcasted on only one day, respectively (-> see time variants).

Customary rights

Das Verwertungsrecht gilt üblicherweise – sofern nicht anders gekennzeichnet – für ein (1) Jahr ab Erstausstrahlung in Deutschland. Wird der Zeitpunkt der Erstausstrahlung nicht genannt, gilt das Verwertungsrecht für ein (1) Jahr ab dem Aufnahmedatum. Wird ein Teil aus einem Spot für ein neues Motiv verwendet, ist ein weiteres Verwertungshonorar fällig.

Customary rights to reuse

If a vocal track from an already broadcasted commercial (regardless of what medium) is used for a new commercial without the speaker having to go back to the studio, corresponding usage fees will be due for the voice, depending on the respective medium (radio/TV/cinema/Internet/POS, etc.. As is customary, the usage right is valid for one year from the initial broadcasting.

If an existing commercial is changed, e.g. cut down, spliced, provided with other insertions, another packaging, a new off etc., it is referred to as a new commercial. Even if this change is still made within the term of the first broadcasting year, usage fees will again be due depending on the respective medium (radio/TV/cinema/Internet/POS, etc.). The right of usage also applies for 1 year from the initial broadcasting.


The usage of individual commercials from a session fee is regulated as follows. For the publication of the first commercial, a classic layout (€250.00) is charged, e.g.:

1st national TV commercial
(Verwertung 600,00 € abzgl. 250,00 € Layout) 350,00 €

1st national radio commercial
(usage €450.00 less €250.00 layout)

From the second published commercial, as before, the full usage (100%) per commercial/medium is due:

According to the list, therefore, €600.00 (TV) or €450.00 (radio) etc.

If, from a session fee, several commercials are published as BUNDLES (bundles 3.1-3.4), one classic layout (€250.00) is set off against each usage bundle (i.e. deducted).

Annual fees or a new usage for new motives, other products, a new medium etc. are charged, as ever, with a usage of 100%.

Regional fees

These apply to either one federal state or for large cities, such as HH, B, F, K, S, M, D, H, L and DD.

Local fees refer to the smallest genre: "The quaint pub next door" or "The slightly different petrol station: Sample Street 5 - terrific!" and in many cases they are broadcasted only on one channel at the local level.


A reminder is a commercial that follows the advertising block and which is always at least one-half shorter than the main commercial. With its contents, it always refers directly to the main commercial. The reminder aims to anchor the information from the main commercial. Otherwise, it would be another motive.

Reminder fees generally only apply in connection with the main commercial (both as regards the production and broadcasting). Reminders that are broadcasted within an advertising block without the main commercial (or that could already be broadcasted without the main commercial due to their text design) are charged as regular commercials.

If a text that is intended as a reminder is approximately or exactly as long as the main commercial, it is not considered to be a reminder but rather another separate commercial. The Reminder definition also applies to so-called "preminders" (also called "tandem commercials") which are a kind of teaser related to the main commercial.


"Still looking for a Christmas present? The XY market has exactly what you need! Stay tuned for more information right after the next commercial!

Mehr Infos gleich nach dem nächsten Spot / Bleiben Sie dran!“.


These are dealer designations (i.e. the reference source) that are directly tagged on a finished main commercial (example: "From 1 May at your Sample Volkswagen partner dealership in Sample City", "Only this week for €6.99 at LIDL", etc.).

When tagging on to several commercials, a new extension fee must be paid for each commercial. The voice artist performing the extensions receives a staggered remuneration according to the units.

If the extension is not directly tagged on to the base commercial, it is called a tandem commercial or reminder (-> see reminder). Normally, the voice artist performing the extensions will not appear in the so-called "base commercial". Should this nevertheless be the case, a single extension will always be included in the price for the base commercial. Since a commercial with many extensions is regularly employed in the entire Federal Republic, or at least in more than a single federal state, the base commercial is usually covered by a national right of use.

Patronage (sponsoring)

Up to four time variants (e.g. "... is presented by ..."/"We will continue shortly with ..."/"And now we come to ..."/"... was presented by ... ") are billed as one motive. When it comes to patronage announcements, it must be distinguished by frequency and the "hassle factor". Per programme/format means: "Tatort ..." or "The feature film on TV channel 2 is presented to you by ..." or "The campers are presented to you by ...". The general release for several formats should be at a higher level and negotiated individually, since they are broadcasted in higher frequency and are much more annoying/voice-wearing usual commercials.


Instead of the broadcasting area, the catchment area of the cinema (s) is valid. This includes the city in which the cinema is located, plus the directly surrounding area or the surrounding countryside.

Internet commercial

www.[mainpage].de with a directly starting commercial would correspond to "Internet commercial 1". When created on a subpage, however (for example www.[mainpage].de/biscuitbar.html), it would only correspond to "Internet commercial 2".

Special care should be taken as to whether it is a commercial on an already existing Internet presence, or whether a separate page is created for it!


Example: www.[mainpage].de with a directly starting commercial would correspond to "Internet commercial 1".

A YouTube or Vimeo linking

Ein Vorschalt- bzw. Unterbrechungsspot ist immer mit dem Tarif „Internet Spot 1“ zu vergüten.

In individual cases, it can be checked if a video is only hosted on YouTube / Vimeo or similar. In this case you may be able to book the rate "Internet Spot 2".

Individualised commercials on the Internet

This includes the possibility of adding a company's internal payoff line to a TV or Internet commercial (in the picture), in order to send it as a link to the customer, for example ("Your TUI office in Sample Street 1, in Sample City"), virtually as an extension but without a foreseeable number. This possibility is compensated with another 100% according to the catchment area, in addition to the Internet utilisation.TUI office in Musterstraße 1, in Musterstadt! ") Quasi like an extension, only without a foreseeable number, this possibility is compensated with another 100% according to the catchment area, in addition to the Internet utilization.

Streamed contents (Internet radio)

Streamed contents are not additional channels but rather only other receivers. Here, a commercial runs just at the same time as on the radio and, therefore, may reach other people but not more people. Whether you listen to the radio in the car, in the office, on the computer or on the toilet in the iPod stream, remains the same after all: the commercial runs once at 1:24 pm and not, as with Online spots on demand and over and over again. Internet rights of use regarding radio commercials, therefore, only make sense with stored and retrievable contents such as podcasts. (Please refer to "radio commercial plus").


A change occurs when, due to a text error, the recording must be repeated. Changes can be booked up to max. 30 days after the original recording date. A commercial to be changed must not have been broadcasted yet. If an existing commercial is modified, e.g. cut down, provided with other insertions, updated with a new off, provided with new music, etc., it is considered to be a new commercial. Even if this change is still made within the term of the first broadcasting year, a buyout will again be due depending on the respective medium (see "usage" under "individual layouts and utilisation").

Image/industry film

Exploitation rights:

This right applies over an indefinite period to the field of training videos, internal staff training (Intranet), DVDs, language courses, audio guides, editorial podcasts, after-sales texts, tutorials etc.

Any other use is excluded here.


Exploitation rights:

indefinitely for the areas of training videos, internal staff training (intranet), DVDs, language courses, audio guides, editorial podcasts, after-sales texts, tutorials, etc. All other uses are excluded here.

The decisive factor for the calculation of image / industrial film and e-learning texts is the number of characters including spaces. Here the formula "1 minute = 900 characters" is used. Important: long numbers, e.g. Although 1938 (nineteen thirty-eight) should be written as numbers, but considered as "word" tendered. The same applies to abbreviations such as "for example (for example)". The fees for image / industrial film or e-learning are not valid for lip-sync recordings.


Audio only (in-store radio):

In-Store announcements at the "point-of-sale". These commercials or announcements. These commercials or announcements may only be broadcasted on site in stores, markets, etc., and only within the shop area or the premises directly for the customers. The billing is the same as for radio commercials.

Video commercials

Commercials/films for products that are displayed directly in department stores or markets via the screen. As the maximum daily production time per day, the pure production time is max. 6 hours.

Cancellation fee

A cancellation fee is payable if a firmly-booked production is cancelled during workdays (Monday to Friday) and less than 48 hours prior to the recording date.

Cost of action/social contribution for artists/social insurance

Alle Gagen verstehen sich exklusive der Handlungskosten (HU) des Studios und der aktuellen Künstlersozialabgabe. Fur jedwede künstlerische Leistungen ist nach §24 KSVG (KünstlerSozialVersicherungsGesetz) selbstständig vom Auftraggeber Künstlersozialabgabe an die KSK (KünstlerSozialKasse) abzuführen. Weitere Informationen dazu unter:


The customer/contractual partner is obliged to notify of the use of the voice recording outside the covered medium or period of time. Any infringement can have legal consequences.