Gagenliste Deutscher Sprecher*innen


Recording in the studio without publication

The session fee can be booked in advance. Here, the voice artist will be at the disposal of the studio, the creative minds and the customers for one hour for the work on the text and commercials.

During this time, different text variants can be worked on, including different commercials of a customer and a brand. Texts for internal use (for example case films, MakingOfs, board presentations, etc.) can also be recorded within this scope.

Exceeding these 60 minutes is handled according to the standards of goodwill and working atmosphere, otherwise counting in 30-minute increments.


​If they are unique text variants. For example, "Everything you need to know about it, you will find in the new Men's Health."Alternative: "From now on, Men's Health tells you everything you need to know about it. New: Men's Health."Alternative: "In the new Men's Health you will learn everything you need to know - now in the trade."Often there are different text manuscripts from the customer at the beginning of the productions. They are unquestionably variants that are calculated.

It also happens that texts are changed directly during recording. It should be checked whether only some words are converted, for example, words are omitted or supplemented for reasons of timing - these variants should be spoken without question by the VO-artist free of charge.For example, "Everything you need to know about it, you will find in the new Men's Health."Sounds "must" perhaps too demanding? "Everything you should know about it, you will find in the new Men's Health."Alternatives like "from Today ..." or "Tomorrow ..." are synonymous doubt-free text variants, but they already include that they are broadcast in only one day(-> see time variants).

The prices given are average prices of randomly interviewed speakers from the years prior to 2019. The average prices were determined from a sufficiently large amount of individual price information and do not allow any conclusions to be drawn about individual prices. They are also not to be understood as price recommendations or the like.