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Attractive combinations of publications

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In the case of successive rebookings, the second (or respective subsequent year) is calculated as before with a 100% -valuation. A time unlimited use is calculated by factor 3.

Worldwide usage will be billed with factor 4x.

For the largest possible (and probably the rarest) combination of all possible uses, regulations 4 and 5 are also computationally combined (meaning factors 3 and 4). The unlimited use in terms of time and space is then calculated with factor 12.

ATTENTION: For english-language commercials or brand claims ("DAS AUTO" or "GARNIER" etc.) individual agreements after negotiation apply as before.


A prerequisite for all packages is that they are not meaning-changing variants or modified, deviant or new products in the picture. It is all about the possibility to book different lengths of a spot with small image variants in the package.

The runtime for all spot variants starts with the first run of a version and is limited to 1 year. For spots created from a sessionfee, a classic TV layout is charged per package booking. (250,00 €). For all Paketplus variants, the separate use of a single variant (for example, only the 20-second) in the following year is possible, then - as usual - a classic 100% -Verwertung (TV 600,00 €) is calculated.


Radio Commercial Plus

Comparable to the plus bundles for TV COMMERCIALS that can additionally be used on the Internet, there is an extended possibility of using RADIO COMMERCIALS on the Internet. The simultaneous use of the commercials exclusively in the Webstream of the live program and its advertising blocks is included in the normal radio commercial since it is only considered as a different receiver.

If a commercial is to be broadcasted at other times or a different medium than in the programme showing on the screen, e.g. as a pre-roll prior to the start of the actual streaming, as a pre- or intermediary form of advertising for music services (Spotify etc.) or as stored content (e.g. for downloadable podcasts), this is billed as a new and independent usage, as is done with other usage channels, with 100% of the initial fees.

The RADIO COMMERCIAL plus bundle can be booked in advance:

This also includes, in addition to the use in live streaming, broadcasts as a pre-roll and for music services as well as podcasts. Various cut versions are NOT included.
NICHT enthalten sind div. Schnittfassungen.

The prices given are average prices of randomly interviewed speakers from the years prior to 2019. The average prices were determined from a sufficiently large amount of individual price information and do not allow any conclusions to be drawn about individual prices. They are also not to be understood as price recommendations or the like.