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All About GDS

The GDS has been a market overview for voice over services in Germany that has been conducted for decades and, in retrospect, shows the average fees for voice over services based on anonymous survey of voice artists. The average prices shown were consolidated from a large number of inquired individual prices and do not allow any conclusions to be drawn about individual prices. Take a look at the history below - then you will better understand what GDS is - and what is not ...

The GDS was formerly known as the “Hamburg List”. It was brought into being by different constellations of voice artists in Hamburg. Due to its representative, neutral character, the published list was quickly welcomed by all market participants as a reliable source of information. The list is now kept as a consolidated market observation, which no longer allows any conclusions to be drawn about individual prices.

The GDS is not a club or association of which one can become a member. Therefore there are no membership fees. It's about the solidarity statement. Anyone who gets involved in any form does it on a voluntary basis.

Die Gagenliste ist eine Erhebung der historischen Gagenpreise in Deutschland. Die Gagenhöhe und die Begriffsdefinitionen sollen Interessierten dabei helfen, einen Überblick zu erlangen. Selbstverständlich werden damit keinerlei Preisvorgaben oder –empfehlungen gemacht.

Yes of course. In fact, you should urgently think about your market value. The GDS only shows historical average prices of anonymously interviewed voice artists. There are many voice artists who have their own prices and differ significantly from the GDS. The GDS list does not allow any conclusions to be drawn about individual or individual prices.

No, everything is voluntary. No small print ...

Die Supporter kommen aus allen Bereichen der Audioproduzenten und Audionutzer. Aber auch Sprecheragenturen und Verbände sind dabei. Sie alle möchten unser ehrenamtliches Projekt unterstützen.

Every activity for the GDS is voluntary.

You did not enter, so you do not have to leave either. You decide for yourself which GDS information you use for yourself.

Any questions? Send an Email...

Win / Win

The Client

so e.g. agencies or productions - need planning security. Often the scope of use of the campaign cannot be foreseen in advance. Even though the fee is negotiated individually, a general understanding of the possible types of use and their weighting is of great advantage for customers. The average prices shown allow budget planning in this respect.

The Recording Studios

calculate the projects at a point in time at which the participants - such as speakers - have not yet been selected from a creative point of view. In this phase it is important to use a guideline value to calculate what the GDS can give a point of reference.

The clients, in turn, appreciate that too.

The Voice Artists

launched the GDS - originally the Hamburg List. It makes it easier for them to communicate with clients / recording studios and provides the framework for uncomplicated collaboration.

This is especially true for the definitions and the wording.

History of the GDS

1980 / 1990

80er / 90er

It's hard to imagine nowadays: the agencies - mainly from Frankfurt and Düsseldorf - came to Hamburg (by plane, of course) and produced radio spots. Why this? In Hamburg, a lively scene of talented speakers had established itself through the diverse theater landscape, various TV productions, the top advertising agencies and, last but not least, the NDR and Studio Hamburg. There was a large selection of good voices - that was simply well received. The recording studios (at the very front, of course, Studio Funk) were able to distinguish themselves as radio spot specialists with this offer.

1990 / 2000

The Hamburg List

In order to better plan the productions in advance, a kind of list of general definitions and historical average prices has been developed over the years (“Hamburg List”).

Very important: the list was created out of practice. It was defined, as it were, by the benefit to the customer.

Die Liste bildet konsolidierte Durchschnittspreise ab, die über einen längeren Zeitpunkt erhoben sind. Die abgebildeten Durchschnittspreise lassen keine Rückschlüsse auf individuelle Preise zu.
Die Bezeichnung “Hamburger Liste” wurde allerdings durch die Nicht-Hamburger geschaffen. Die Frankfurter und Düsseldorfer Producer haben immer von der “Hamburger Liste” gesprochen. Als sich dann aber im Laufe der Zeit dieser Begriff durchgesetzt hatte, haben auch die Hamburger die Liste “Hamburger Liste” genannt.

irgendwann in den 2000ern

2000 -

The changing types of use and customer requirements have changed the fees over time. From the experiences of the individual speakers, the Hamburg list was able to reflect this process.

Thanks to the balanced process, the “Hamburg List” retained its representative character.


ab ca. 2010

Outside of Hamburg, the request arose to rename the Hamburg list. It has meanwhile been used throughout Germany for fee negotiations.

The “Hamburg List” was renamed GDS - Fee List for German Speakers. How this name came about can no longer be traced - now it is there ...



The GDS is therefore an orientation aid for voice artists that has grown over many decades and has developed together with the users on the market. As a result, the GDS also stands for the representative reproduction of market events.

This representativeness is also of great interest to customers, i.e. producers and especially advertisers. Because incalculable additional demands do not lead to surprises, should the usage turn out to be greater than planned. Budgets can be planned better and more resiliently thanks to the average prices shown. This is an extremely important aspect for customers.

The GDS shows average prices over a period of up to three years and thus provides guidance on what is happening on the market. However, the GDS does not allow any conclusions to be drawn about individual prices and is also not to be understood as a price recommendation.



Die Umfrage aus dem August/September 2021 hat ergeben, daß der Wunsch nach einer gendergerechten Umbenennung der GDS besteht. Ab nun also „GDS – Gagenliste Deutscher Sprecher*innen“.

Schau Dir hier die Umfrageergebnisse an.

The Producers

The experiences of the producer alliance were also included in the definitions of the uses of Voice recordings included. The session fee and the usage packages emerged from this.

Recording Studios / Voice Agencys / Managements

The recording studios, voice agencies and voice management help the client to find the ideal voice for his project. This happens under creative auspices. After the selection, the specific fee is requested from the speaker. Only then can the final production costing take place.


Thanks to its association structure, the VDS (Association of German Speakers) has the opportunity to democratically discuss information about changes in, for example, uses. The members can exchange their experiences with new ways of using their performances and thus adapt to the changes in the world of production.


Die Umfrage aus dem August/September 2021 hat ergeben, daß der Wunsch nach einer gendergerechten Umbenennung besteht. Ab nun also „GDS – Gagenliste Deutscher Sprecher*innen“.

Die Umfrageergebnisse kannst Du Dir hier anschauen.


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