To distinguish between the two variants is basically: does the customer pay for the placement of his spot on the Internet, it is always the tariff "Internet Spot 1”.

However, this also applies if e.g. a separate page for the product has been created. Example: www [main page] .de with a spot that starts directly corresponds to "Internet Spot 1". Created in a sub-page (for example, www. [Mainseite] .de / Keksriegel.html) "Internet Spot 2”.

YouTube or Vimeo link

A Pre-Roll, Mid-Roll, Post-Roll spot is always to be paid with the tariff "Internet Spot 1".

In individual cases, it can be checked if a video is only hosted on YouTube / Vimeo or similar. In this case you may be able to book the rate "Internet Spot 2".

Individualised commercials on the Internet

This includes the possibility of adding a company's internal payoff line to a TV or Internet commercial (in the picture), in order to send it as a link to the customer, for example ("Your TUI office in Sample Street 1, in Sample City"), virtually as an extension but without a foreseeable number. This possibility is compensated with another 100% according to the catchment area, in addition to the Internet utilisation.TUI office in Musterstraße 1, in Musterstadt! ") Quasi like an extension, only without a foreseeable number, this possibility is compensated with another 100% according to the catchment area, in addition to the Internet utilization.



POS | Fair | Moodfilm

Further Formats...

Webvideo / Industrialfilm (unpaid media)


Audio Book

TTS - Text-To-Speech Systeme

TTS ist ein sehr komplexes Thema. Wir empfehlen dem Nutzer wie auch den Sprecherinnen und Sprechern bezüglich der Gagenverhandlungen rechtzeitig professionelle Beratung hinzuzuziehen. Eine erste Orientierungshilfe bietet der VDS - Verband deutscher Sprecher e.V. auf seiner Homepage. Sie ist auch in der GDS-Downloadversion enthalten. Erste Ansprechpartner können aber auch die Tonstudios sein.


A small calculation tool to convert written text to spoken text length is the following formula:

900 characters including blanks = approx. 1 minute spoken text.

What is important in this respect: long numbers, e.g. 1938 (nineteen hundred and thirty-eight) should be written as digits but taken into account as a "word", and abbreviations such as "e.g." should be written out (for example)