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"Fair pay for a distinctiv performance"

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The GDS list of fees of German voice artists is a guideline that has grown over many years regarding negotiations on fees in order to simplify the calculations vis-à-vis agencies and production houses as well as within the large pool of voice artists.

This tool is continually developed, maintained and adapted to the constantly changing requirements of our line of business. Besides voice artists, studios and production houses, the representatives of the interest group of the producer's alliance and of the general association of communication agencies GWA e.V. are also involved in this process and they explicitly support these recommendations.

However, the specified fees do not constitute a collective agreement or obligation; they exclusively serve for orientation purposes and comparability, and each item is, of course, individually negotiable. The GDS list of fees of German voice artists, however, considers itself to be a jointly decided recommendation for an appropriate and comparable composition of fees.

Updated 3rd February 2019



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